Some results of our work

  • PMMG initiated and leaded preparation of the Draft Law “About protection of rights and freedoms of persons belonging to the national minorities”.
  • PMMG initiated and advocated for ratification of the CoE Framework Convention on Protection of National Minorities by the Parliament of Georgia
  • Our recommendations have been reflected by the Un Human Rights Committee in its “Concluding observations on consideration of the Second Periodic Report of the State Party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights” at the 91st Session of the Committee.
  • PMMG was the only Georgian NGO which has been granted access to the observation of the Parallel Presidential Elections in the South Ossetia
  • PMMG carries out work on monitoring of racism and hate in Georgia. Reports prepared on the regular basis are directed to the international organizations, including UN and CoE. One of the results of these activities is public campaign against hate speech of the Mp Beso Jugeli, high ranked representative of the ruling party of Georgia. For the forst time in the political history of Georgia Mr. Jugeli apologized in the building of the Parliament in front of the cameras.
  • PMMG created Multiethnic Resource Center on Civic Education Development. Now Center is independent. It has more than 800 graduates.
  • PMMG publishes monthly newspaper “Multinational Georgia” in Russian language, which is disseminated in capital and regions of Georgia.
  • PMMG has carried out three wholenational Festivals of the Cultural Diversity “All for Georgia. Georgia for All” (1999, 2000, 2001)